The sky is yours!

Just imagine you can fly and land 60 different kinds of planes and helicopters, fight enemies, avoid tornadoes and volcanoes, put out wildfires, save the planet from aliens and even participate in World War II!

Would you say it’s impossible? No, it’s not!

Download our free mobile game Planes Control, and take control of the sky without leaving your sofa.

About the game

Planes Control is a fun and engaging free mobile game for iOS and Android that supports strategic thinking and fast reactions.

It contains 18 exciting levels for mobile phones and tablets and takes place in Arizona, Hawaii, the Australian forest, Taiwan, Antarctica and even over the Pacific Ocean!

All you need to do is guide incoming planes to their landing zones. Sounds easy? Enemies, tornadoes, mountains, wildfires and even aliens will challenge you to be the best pilot you can be.

Your planes can lose direction, run out of petrol, be shot by enemies or be burnt by a volcanic eruption. You can get stuck in time, choose a side and fight in World War II or even be erased by aliens.

A combination of 60 real planes and helicopters, engaging missions and no ads whatsoever makes Planes Control a seriously fun and addictive game!

Besides challenges and entertainment on all levels, you will be surprised by the high-quality graphics, amazing music and clear instructions from native speakers in English, German, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese.

What the Press says

Free Apps for me
January 10, 2021

There is such a profession – an air traffic controller. His task is to control the planes so that they do not collide in the air. Sounds intriguing? Then the arcade puzzle Planes Control with excellent graphics is made ESPECIALLY FOR YOU!

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December 19, 2017


With cute toy-like graphics, a simple gameplay system that “will” cause you way too much stress, and plenty of hair pulling levels to unlock, this is the game for anyone who wishes to become a leader…

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Alpha Digits
September 12, 2017


Want to know if you have got what it takes to manage the sky, or maybe you have got a little time to kill in a queue- whatever the case may be, test your landing skills today and find out if you can control planes.

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iOS App Spy
October 26, 2016


Clean visuals and a straightforward gaming experience to reinvigorate classic style gameplay.

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Mira Cómo Hacerlo
Septiembre 30, 2016

Planes Control is simple, attractive, fun and very addictive
Enjoy a quick game everytime and everywhere.

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Ask Your Android
January 20, 2016

The gaming app of Planes Control captures the full extent of the thrilling feeling which comes from working as an Air Traffic Controller.

Planes Control can really be called one of the best plane landing games on the market.

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